• Anne Gabriel

    AABCC Convener
    Argyll & Bute Representative on the Association of Scottish Community Councils
    Convener Dunoon Community Council

  • Katy Murray

    AABCC Vice Convener


1   NAME
The Association shall be known as The Association of Argyll & Bute Community Councils hereinafter called the Association.

a) The Association is open to all Community Councils within the Argyll & Bute Council administrative area.
 b) The Association has no jurisdiction over the affairs of affiliated and non affiliated Community Councils who  can communicate directly with Council Office Bearers, Councillors and other bodies as they see fit.c) The Community Councils are requested to forward a copy of the minutes of their meetings to the
Secretary of the Association, purely for information.

a) To improve communications between Argyll & Bute Council and other bodies on the one hand and
Community Councils on the other
b) To establish a forum where: ‑
    (i) Matters of common interest to Community Councils may be debate
(ii) Matters and subjects, which affect areas within the Argyll & Bute Council area, may be discussed
(iii) The exchange of ideas, views and information between Community Councils and              Group Committees 
may be encouraged
(iv) To seek to provide facilities for the education and training of members and non members across Argyll
 & Bute
c) The Association shall operate under an equal opportunities policy and shall be non‑political, non~sectarian and non‑racial

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